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Survey results
from 2018 Archetypes attendees

Meditations for Pulmonary Patients

Guest Meditations
Lauren Speeth DBA DMin
Carol Anderson

"Simply put, meditation is changing
my life in every way - physically,
emotionally, mentally and spiritually."

"My chronic neck pain is gone. Inexplicably, another medical condition has begun healing and reversing itself when my doctor said this wouldn't be possible. There's more happiness in my life and I feel a stronger connection to others. Small things don't bother me like they used to and as a result, my home life is more harmonious. I feel a positive energy in my life and an awakening of my inner voice which is helping guide me to what is ultimately best for me and my relationships, including my
relationships with husband, adult children, and aging parents."

"I cannot overstate the benefits I've experienced since I started
practicing daily meditation. My only regret is that I didn't start
meditating earlier in life!
WM, 2016

Brother Camillus and Brother Poulos


Music for Contempletive Moments
Breathe well.

Josh Workman guitar - loop
Chinese Tea
    John Watkins -Composition, performance, and engineering
    Hiroshi Iguchi - Guitar
    Lauren Speeth - Flute

many thanks to The Elfenworks Foundation for bringing this beauty into our lives and spirits


Big thanks go out to donors supporting Brother Camillus in this project to bring meditation to everyone.

  • Linda & Bruce Tripp
  • Anonymous
  • Carol Anderson
  • Mary Jane Nunes-Temple

This site was launched with the help of a generous grant from Trust for the Meditation Process.

Special thanks to the Elfenworks Foundation for their support in the redesign of this site.

Welcome to the Saint Mary’s College of California
Office of Mission and Ministry Meditation website.

This is God’s project to help other people meditate and learn to use meditation for prayer, and to develop themselves. We envision it going to all our schools, and for the faculty staff and students, and that they also may learn to share this with their family and friends. And so the Schools of the Brothers may begin to spread this beautiful practice throughout the world, because Saint LaSalle said the most important religious exercise of the Brothers is to meditate daily. Audio Version - mp3

uncoming events



Tarot archetypes have been reviewed before from a Jungian, psychological perspective, this year they will be reviewed from a spiritual perspective following Valentin Stomberg’s book, MEDITATIONS ON THE TAROT: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism.

New! Zoom Workshop

Saturday, August 22, at 10:00 - 11:00 AM.

I am shifting into a religious mode; try it, you may like it!

Saturday's session will begin with "The Annunciation" when Mary was invited to become the mother of God.

If you care to join, register in advance for this meeting by clicking the link below::

Space is limited to the first 25 applicants.

Suggested stipend is $15.00 or more. . Please mail this to me after the workshop, to Br. Camillus Chavez, PMB 4990, Moraga, CA 94575. Make out checks to "Saint Mary's College CLC-OLG". This is my Mother's scholarship for students who need financial aid. Checks are tax deductible.

Thank you!

This is a good time to meditate with Brother Camillus via the website or Youtube. The deep breaths at the beginning of each meditation exercises your lungs and makes them stronger.

If you become ill, there is a meditation for pulmonary patients that will help you meditate when deep breaths are not comfortable.

The very short lessons and beginning meditations you find on the left side of this page are great boosters for each and every day. They are just a few minutes of breathing and becoming quiet. What a great aid to settle us down. Remember that we can meditate for our own health and the health of others.

We look forward to being together again, but until then, let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.

Dear Meditators and Attendees at the periodic workshops, 

I reluctantly postponed the May and June workshops because of the Covid19 shut down. I give you here some recommendations for meditations to help you get through these times and stay connected to your inner Self. 

Take a Saturday morning to do the Forgiveness meditation.  Forgive Mother Nature for letting these periodic plagues emerge that whip us mercilessly.  Who is responsible?  Mother nature, God?  If necessary, forgive God, nature and the coronavirus, so as to get rid of all resentments. There is a mystery here, since this is not the first plague to scourge the world, and not just for a year in the past, but for a much longer time.  Get rid of your resentments and hunker down with your brothers and sisters. Bear up with this and cooperate in doing what is best for yourself and the common good.  As the Tao Te Ching says, "Go with the flow".  Nature is bigger than you, but nature is within you giving you the strength and offering the wisdom to do what is best.  Be at peace, God loves you despite all appearances to the contrary. Connect to that deep inner love.  

Another meditation that may help you connect to this deep inner love is the "Baptism of Jesus."  Be baptized with Jesus again, and initiated into living a life based on God's loving presence within you. 

As a final meditation, I recommend you find the Wise Person Meditation. Connect to a wise person coming from higher intelligence. Ask for guidance in your difficulties and problems. 

To get to these meditations, go to my website Click on the Audio Button on top which will give you many meditations.  Find the three recommended to you.

If you wish to get a blessing, look on the same page with the meditations, on the left side, will give you a two minute Healing Chant.  Click on that when you finish meditating, and as you hear me chant, pray for the Spirit's blessing.

If you try all this and feel like it, I would love to hear from you via email at  Or call me after 8:00 PM (925-631-4344), if I don't answer leave a message and your phone number.  In fact if I don't answer, wait a minute and then call again; my phone accepts four rings then shuts down to receive a message. After the second ring I will have come reached the phone and be ready to answer your second call.      

Blessings, hoping to see you in the future,

Br. Camillus 

PS. if this works well for you and you wish to send a donation to me at the College, please do so.  Make it out to Chicana Latina Foundation and I will send it in for my mother's scholarship. You can mail your donation to me as follows:

Brother Camillus Chavez, FSC
Saint Mary’s College of California  
1928 Saint Mary's Road
Moraga, California 94556


Please check this section in my web site two weeks before the advertised date to make sure there are no changes in dates. Thank you.  You can even email me at to double check.  Three more dates will be added later on.

As usual we begin each workshop with the chakra meditation, then proceed to the two archetypes to be covered on the date indicated.
All workshops start at 9:00 AM and end at 1:15 PM in Delphine Lounge, next to the bookstore.

Previously, we have meditated on the Tarot archetypes from a Jungian perspective to come to greater self knowledge and empowerment.  We continue a second round of meditations for the same purpose but from a spiritual perspective, guidance of the Divine within us.

I ask for $40.00 per workshop, more if you wish, but sliding scale if the price is too much for you; pay according to your circumstances. All enrolled students are free. Make checks out to The Chicana/Latina Foundation (or C/L Foundation); all proceeds go to their scholarships for Latinas attending college or graduate school.


Meditate with Brother Camillus with the many sessions available on the Audio page

Private meditation sessions are available with Br. Camillus by appointment. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and earned my Ph.D. in Clinical (Therapeutic) Studies at the Wright Institute.

    Classroom and Workshop participant comments

most important exercise of the day
"Even just a five-minute meditation can recall us to the fact that we are in the presence of a God who loves us with an overwhelming love. This is the Christian and specifically Lasallian heritage - in the Rule of the Brothers the most important exercise of the day is interior prayer..."

workshop cds are available
"CD's containing guided meditations to help you build your personal meditation practice are available at the workshops.

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