THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, number 10Wheel of Fortune

This archetype presents us with the dilemma of Fate or Free Will. Which one will guide our lives? I will go through the horns of the dilemma, by offering you guidance from the Wise Man or Woman, which connects to your inner guidance system, to ask for answers from the riddles of life.

Invoking a Wise Person connects you to Higher Intelligence which can elicit answers to situations about which you need answers, even at times to answers that are precognitive. The Wise Person can do this because it is connected to the ESP potential of a person.

The procedure is as follows: we will enter meditation through double countdowns leading to the Meadow of he Archetypes From there I will guide you to follow the trail that leads to the granite rock, around which the Wise Person awaits you. When I elicit their appearance you will connect to them and ask your question. It should of course be a serious question that is important to you. Make it a point to remember the answer, When you return to the regular level of consciousness we will share our experiences. Only time will tell of course if you got a good answer

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