Different from what you expect, temperance here refers more to the word “temper,” as to temper steel, make it stronger with special admixtures and processes.  The colors of Strength’s robe, red and blue indicate the mixture of flesh and spirit, yang and yin, conscious and unconscious.  The two vessels she is commingling indicate she is joining the world of the phenomenal with the world of spirit, the one that is unseen but profoundly real.  As a bodily figure she is grounded on earth, but as an angel with wings she comes from the heavenly realm, she can be a messenger from heaven.   Temperance will connect you to the unconscious; she is taking you to the next step in your psychological and spiritual development.

The unconscious has always been a part of you, but as you develop psychologically and spiritually through conscious living, living mindfully, meditating and reflecting ever more deeply on the meaning of your life, you become ready to connect to the greater depths of mind and spirit within you. In this archetypal meditation, she is ready to help you move forward and upward.

As you have begun to enter the deeper levels of consciousness your intuition emerges more and more, with hunches, imaginings, and dreams that reveal your deeper gifts for self and the world.  Your aha! moments may increase, synchronous happenings may open up possibilities for you or steer you in unforeseen but beneficial ways.

All this process indicates that a reconciling and combination is occurring: ego and the great Self are interacting, the conscious and the unconscious are connecting, and body and spirit are becoming harmoniously one.  Problems before that were unsolvable are now being resolved.  Temperance is bringing together opposites which  allows the individual to progress in wisdom and virtue.

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