The Tower of Destruction, number 16Tower of Destruction
The full title of this Tarot card includes “Stroke of Liberation.”

This archetype is not about disaster but about being knocked off your rigid perceptions, attitudes, or habits.  It may just take a stroke of lightening from the heavens, a cataclysmic upheaval in your life to reveal how you have been imprisoned, and to free you so you can take a new look at your life in a profound way, regroup, and start anew.  First of all the golden crown at the top reveals how you may have capped yourself into a small perspective and made it your be-all.  The tower represents how you may have become imprisoned by narrow views and attitudes.  There are no doors from which to escape.

So it takes a lightning bolt from heaven to break asunder your defenses.  In this version of the Tarot, the Marseilles Deck, the bolt from the heavens is like a gentle flowering vine indicating its positive intent to aid the residents of the tower.  Nothing is destroyed, but the metal cap holding the couple captive is forced open and the two captives released.  They’re off balance and stunned, but as they tumble out they instinctively reach out for the green, life giving plants, indicating their openness to new growth in perceptions, attitudes, and actions. The rainbow energies flashed out by the lightening bolt will enable the couple to make  a new start; there is great hope for growth in this card.

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