THE STAR, number 17The Star

A woman, no clothing, is pouring water back into a stream and unto the earth, and like Temperance (tarot card 14), mixing the energies of the conscious and unconscious, which is what happens in meditation; as a result she is coming to deep realizations which lead to wisdom.  Eden Gray, states the key to understanding this archetype is meditation, because the woman is in a reflective mood (A Complete Guide to the Tarot, 1970).  She also represents the soul symbolically, a person coming to an ever deeper experience and realization of who s/he really is, beyond learned reactions, or socially imposed stereotypes, and egoic self delusions; that is what the nudity represents. This archetype is also about experiencing what it must be to come directly from the hand of God, wonderful, divine-like, the original Self, the living image of God, which only the Divine perceives without the imprint of all other experiences; these life-transitions lead human beings to develop egoic consciousness away from connection to the Self. It is a time for connecting better to the deepest center of Self, a time for spiritual growth.

Dr. Jung has suggested that each human being has originally a feeling of wholeness, a powerful and complete sense of the Self.  And from the Self—the totality of the psyche—the individualized ego-consciousness emerges as the individual grows up. (C.G. Jung, Man and His Symbols, 1964. p.128)

The woman is sorting out the waters of life, her experiences of what is personal and transpersonal.  She is connecting now to Spirit and the profounder meaning of her experiences.  She is being freed up to realize that there is a deeper dimension to life than she had previously known. Naked, unattached from the mundane things of the world, she has immediate contact with nature and her instinctual part.  False posturing is absent; there is a humility in her; she does not have to put on airs or be something she is not.  She sweetly, pleasantly accepts her true self without trying to project something false she is not; she is at peace with herself.
The stars above her are revolving around a bigger star, which in it’s larger size and superimposition of one large star form on the other represents a mandala. Its center represents the Self, a sign of her new found integration. Likewise the two plants in the background signify life is flourishing in her.

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