The FoolFool, number 1

“The Fool” is a harsh name and may be  a misnomer.  More appropriate would be the phrase, A Holy Innocent.”  He just doesn’t know, he’s had no experience but doesn’t know what that lack entails and how it will affect him in the near future.   

At the same time there is a frisky little dog trying to get his attention, especially in the picture where the young man is headed to the edge of a precipice, a long fall is coming up unless the dog can make him notice.  That is the one thing that the young man has going for him, if he can only learn to connect to that still small voice that knows the deepest truths of his life and the best direction to take, then he shall start waking up to inner wisdom

There is hope for the young man, especially if he learns to dream dreams and discover the inner  wisdom that is trying to awaken them. Yet, the Fool has all the energy and optimism of a young man.  His hopes and dreams may still lead him forward in a good way.  He is impetuous, and that can lead him to make impulsive, rash judgments and act too fast without thinking. 

And in the Tarot Deck The Fool s ready to burst in anywhere in the sequence of archetypes.   But he has great gifts, freshness of viewpoints, optimism, willingness to try the new, and an enthusiasm for life, and a view that all is possible.

Today when you connect to The Fool in meditation, select what you like best about him, internalize it and don’t forget to connect to the frisky little dog who is a connection to Higher Intelligence.

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