2018 Survey results from students who attended meditation workshops using the Tarot Archetypes

What insights have you come to regarding our meditations on the archetypes that you consider valuable?

  • There are many facets to our souls – each revealing gifts and challenges
  • Archetypes help sent intention for the meditation and makes it more efficient
  • Each meditation brought something unexpected to be explored
  • Humans are multidimensional and constantly change
  • Found “Ah ha” moments
  • We are part of a larger/deeper dimension that requires consciousness to realize and experience
  • Specific archetypes are a particular source of empowerment and enlightenment

How have you grown in insight into yourself?

  • More peaceful, positive
  • Acceptance of how much I need to be in connection with my soul, my energy, God
  •  I am a child of God
  • Realized other levels of consciousness
  • I can let go
  • There are many facets to our souls – each revealing gifts and challenges
  • There are many layers to peel – some are more stubborn
  •  I am more creative than I thought
  • Understand the influence of others/people in general in a good way
  • I am naturally stronger in some dimensions than others

How have you grown in attitudinal changes?

  • More accepting of myself
  • See meditation as a priority, not a task
  • We are the same
  • I always leave content
  • See superficiality and the importance of living consciously
  • More willing to be in community
  • Just a tiny leaf in a tree
  • More calm
  • Willing to be a listener
  • Accepting perspective from a better understanding
  • Coming from a larger place

How have you grown in important new perspectives about life?

  • Feel the interconnection of the Spirit, self, all living creatures
  • Life is now, Live in Now
  • Brother Camillus helps me connect with the “I am”
  • Important to care for myself
  • Revelations and insights come at the most unexpected moments  so stay open
  • Growth never ceases
  • Depth of caring and love is endless
  • Time goes fast
  • Go with the flow
  • Some things aren’t meant to be
  • Showing what is truly important in my life

How have you grown in compassion toward others and dealing in a more charitable ways towards them?

  • Acceptance of the growing and limits of self and others
  • More patience
  • More observant
  • More understanding
  • Listening to others stories

How have you grown in personal psychological and spiritual strengths?

  • More courage, fluidity, patience, resilience, adaptability, peace with mystery, bigger ideas
  • Belief system is strengthened
  • Become much closer to my spiritual supporters, angels and healers
  • More tuned in
  • Able to quiet my mind immediately
  • Greater awareness of the need to practice “Loving Kindness”, patience, and how challenging that can be
  • More willing to share my own wisdom
  • Everyone has a different spiritual truth but are basically the same ( big picture)
  • I am a Child of God