The High Priestess, number 2 High Priestess

The High Priestess is the Arcanum of wisdom, of the Book, how what is learned in the depths of spiritual concentration becomes a book.

  1. First comes reflection, then articulation, then memory of what is learned and finally it is written in a book, by which “Wisdom builds her house”(Proverbs 9:1)
  2. These stages are represented by the tiara the High Priestess wears and the book she holds in her lap.
  3. The articulation mentally is a profound understanding of spiritual truths, beyond ordinary cognition, e. g. as is observed in Jesus’ parables where simple stories contain deep truths.
  4. As a person contemplates the sacred text, often profound insights emerge that not only give insight but also move the meditator to a deep realization of God’s love and mercy which leads to a conversion to a greater Christ-likeness. 
  5. All this process leads to transformation of the person and indicates the way to a deep union with the Divine.
  6. Writing this process down creates the book she is holding,

The Book of Wisdom which represents the Wisdom a meditator attains.   

  1.  Her slight smile indicates a great contentment and confidence in the treasure she is offering to the world.

This archetype will enable you to enter ever more deeply into the mystery of Transformation, becoming one with the Divine.  “That they all may be one as thou Father in me and I in them.  That they also may be one in us” Jn. 17:21.

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