The Empress, number 3The Empress

She represents the great mother, the love, devotion, and self sacrificing spirit of most mothers. A mother’s gifts are tremendous, as observed in their loving attention, compassion, nurturance, giving of their own substance not only in the birthing, but also in the nursing period. Mothers connect intuitively to their babies, even in a self-sacrificing manner.

Although the Great Mother is found most naturally in women, but, because men also have a feminine dimension, she is also part of the inner dimension of every man. Jesus himself spoke of being like a mother hen: “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, killing the prophets… How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings and you would not: (Matt. 23:37). And then scripture adds that he broke down in tears at the pain of their rejection of his love.
The Empress is also a sign of fertility, of connection to nature, the abundance of nature, trees, vines, plants, of a connection to the earth. She can be seen operating in all those who love plants, nurture and care for them. She has come alive in us, in our recent concern for Mother Earth as we experience climate warming, and organize to heal the earth. Yes, the Great Mother has the power to evoke in us feelings, concerns, and insights, values that give us unexpected strengths and determination to make this a better world.

Let us meditate and connect to the Inner Empress.

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