The Emperor, number 4The Emperor

We remember, in the book of Genesis, God the Father, Creator of heaven and earth, who saw all that He created, and realized it was good, integrated, working together and went on to create human beings. The Father spirit is to beget, but that is only the first step, it is also to nurture into completion. The great Mother above all has to endeavor to bring forth fully into creation the development of the newborn when it is most fragile.

But the Father must not only create an environment that shelters and helps the young develop from childhood to adulthood with care, deep affection and encouragement. The father must also go beyond the home to create community and alliances with other households to create the town and city.  Ultimately the greatest civic development of the Father is to create the nation.  Since spiritually women also contain a masculine dimension, they, too, can participate in the archetype of the Father. Behold, Joan of Arc, who as a military commander defeated the English and established the sovereignty of the French king over the whole French territory. She certainly needed a strong masculine fighting spirit to help liberate France, after all the Frenchmen had given up

We remember, too, the strength of St. Teresa of Avila who had so many obstacles to overcome in order to create the Reformed Order of Carmelites. She needed a strong masculine dimension in her to learn how to deal with the Inquisition which questioned her frequently about her writings, visions, and inspirations.  In addition she had the intellectual genius to write great works of mysticism of such excellence and profundity as to be declared the first woman Doctor of the Church.

A last example of a man, Father of his Country, Mahatma Gandhi, who devised a way of dealing with the British oppressors in a peaceful, non-violent manner that finally drove them to leave the country without firing a shot. He truly was great-souled, which is the meaning of his name.

Let us meditate and connect to the Inner Emperor

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