THE POPE, number 5 The Pope

The Pope is an exalted figure, the arbiter of faith and morals in the Catholic Church; he is God’s representative.  As an archetype he connects humans to the Divine dimension within, in order to discover what is true for oneself in one’s quest for understanding what actions lead to union with God.  As a leader of ritual he is a channel of divine blessing.  Connecting to this archetype in meditation should lead to greater union with God, a greater understanding of spiritual truths, and spiritual growth which is transformation more and more into the image of God.

In your dialogue with him, ask the pope  for guidance in spiritual issues important to you and blessing in areas of your life that need resolution.  Ask to hold his cross for a blessing.  Since the Tarot archetypes are meant to bring you to an ever closer union with the Divine, let us observe in this meditation what you experience.  The unconscious always holds great surprises and gifts.  Bon voyage to the inner world.

As an addendum to these considerations the Jungian model of the human unconscious (see attachment) indicates that at the core of a human being union with the Divine lies in our living from the  Inner Imago Dei, the True, greater Self because here is where union  with the Divine exists.  This indicates the importance of inner work like prayer and meditation and spiritual retreats.

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