LoversTHE LOVERS, number 6

Valentin Stomberg, author of  Meditations on the Tarot: a Journey into Christian Hermeticism,  goes beyond the usual interpretation of this  card.  He considers essential love, not just that between man and woman, but rather the core attitude that considers Christic love, which is love for all: spouses, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, all relatives and friends, including the Divine Mystery our source and ultimate love, because the Divine is essentially Love. St. John says it, “God is love.”

Therefore, at its core, this card questions us about our love for our neighbor, for ourselves and for the Divine.  The card should really be the Sacred Heart of Jesus, all afire for all of us, it’s a Heart encased in a crown of thorns, the symbol of humanity’s ingratitude.  Yet, Jesus bears the pain of ingratitude and rejection by those He loves and for whom He suffered with an infinite patience and compassion.. That is why he said, “Learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart and you will find rest for your souls.”  Meek, meaning He will not retaliate in rage, or abandon us, he is everlastingly loving, longsuffering, and waiting for us to realize that ultimately only the Divine is our greatest love and joy.

In this meditation let us consider that image of Jesus revealing His Sacred Heart asking to experience the mystery of his infinite love for you, and to help you love your relatives, neighbors and friends, including yourself.  And ask to love as He did.  In your meditation share your pain and hurt, but also ask Him to let you experience His great love for you. In your meditation ask Him how you may grow in love for the Divine, others, and yourself.

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