THE CHARIOT, number 7Chariot

The self uses the individual psyche as a means of
conveyance.  Man is propelled, as it were, along the road to
- Jung

This Tarot card represents the self along the road of life leading to self-discovery on the road to self-fulfillment.  The self is riding like a king but seems oblivious to the fact he has no reins with which to guide the horses.  He also has no protection from the elements  like rain from above; there is no real cover for the chariot.

The rider as a young king with a crown on his head now has a sense of the royalty of his destiny and might be a bit inflated thinking everything will be easy along the road to individuation, the fulfillment of his destiny.  He is not aware that he has no real control over the lower parts of the chariot, the horses which represent his instinctual and feeling nature, which when out of control can easily topple the chariot.

The rider as a king has a guiding principle superior to ego consciousness.  It is a challenge for him to connect to that inner principle so that he may attune himself to the deep inner guidance of the Imago Dei which is there to guide him to fulfillment of his destiny.

The charioteer must now learn to connect deeply and surely to the Greater Self within to receive the guidance he needs to succeed on the road of life, overcome his instincts and keep balanced as he rides the chariot. Above all he must guard against becoming inflated despite the fact he has overcome the hurdles of the Lover who in the last card was paralyzed by conflicting desires.

Meditation on the archetypes requires that the meditator remember that s/he needs to be mindful of the two gifts this process offers: to connect to the wisdom of the card for personal and spiritual development, and to the power the card offers to be able  to ride the chariot successful.

When you, the meditator, enter the meadow of the archetypes and call forth the chariot and its rider, it is important to ride the chariot and ask, “Am I balanced?  What is my attitude on the road of life?  Do I believe I have complete control and need no help? You will do this by projecting yourself into the young king to tune in to his attitude since he represents you.  If you find out his thinking and attitudes are askew ask yourself, “What proper attitude must I adopt and what course in life must I now take?”  Otherwise you may be headed to a deviation from your proper path or even a disaster.

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