JUSTICE, number 8Justice

Equilibrium is the basis of the Great Work.
Alchemical saying.

More than simply weighing of  facts to determine judgment in a case, this card points to the need for equilibrium, balance in conducting the affairs of one’s life. More than just  weighing the justice of individual actions in  dealing with others, this archetype presents the need to be balanced, integrated as a whole, all things working together for the good of one’s soul.  The sword represents cutting through the fog of confusion and bringing a sharp insight into different situations so as to act with integrity so that all actions may work together to create harmony within oneself  and one’s relationships with others.  The pans forming the balance are there to help individuals weigh the facts and situations of a case properly to accomplish justice, to create harmony, within onself and with others.

Justice also points to the complexity of human nature: there is the law of compensation.  The unconscious always acts in a manner compensatory to consciousness.  A dream does not bring up a figure diametrically opposed to the conscious standpoint.  Rather, dream figures modify the ego position.  Jung emphasizes the fact that our dreams are complementary to the ego standpoint and that the word complementary means “to make complete.”   Completion, he adds, is not perfection.  The psych is a self-regulating system whose aim is not perfection but wholeness and equilibrium.

Justice is therefore not only maintaining a balance in situations but also acknowledging the compensatory nature of things and the flux of life’s situations.
Let the meditation help you to connect to your own life to help you determine if you not only balance situations out in life but also allow for compensation to occur when appropriate, which is another kind of balance of life’s situations and do the  best to have integrity.

Being a person of integrity and justice is not easy but it is something humans must strive for on the way to individuation. 

In the meditation on Justice therefore call forth the archetype of justice project into her and ask if certain situations in your life are just which could refer to something you have done or had done to you.  Visualize the scene and then note if the scales of Justice are balanced or not and if not ask what the solution is.

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