The Hermit, number 9 The Hermit

We begin by examining what this archetype represents and how he can guide you in your life. Different from the Pope, who represents the authoritative head of organized religion, the Hermit represents your own personal spiritual authority. This is verified by the Catholic Church when in 1966 through its Second Vatican Council issued a series of decrees, one of them being The Decree on Personal Conscience wherein each individual must learn to live from their personal informed conscience and God’s inner guidance, Jung stated something similar wherein he discovered that each individual has a deep center which he entitled the Greater Self or one’s personal Imago Dei, the person’s direct contact with the Divine, which is an inner guidance system, conscience in other words. (NB: see the end page for an explanation of the place of the Imago Dei in consciousness according to Jung).

In the card image the Hermit is carrying a special light which guides him to live a life in union with the Divine. He must take care of this light that it not be extinguished. He must protect and maintain this connection. In the meditation you will connect to the Hermit so as to learn to interiorize this deep inner guidance. Yes, what is God’s will for you? By connecting to the Hermit in mind and heart you will learn to be attentive to God’ will for you in your life, follow it and learn to grow in love of the Divine. The saints all sought to do God’s will out of love and devotion. The Hermit is your guide in this process. The Hermit’s gift will also help energize you to connect to God and others in great love and live by God’s inspiration

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