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"The benefits of the meditation workshops have been profound for me. In each one of the meditations I was able to go deep into myself and experience healing, communication, expansion and relaxation. I feel I have more clarity, empowerment and insight. I see how all of this vibrates within me and into my daily interactions. I feel more present and alive." LW

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There is a benefit to meditation that cannot be described in words. The most important journey you can ever take is the internal journey of meditation where you will discover the benefit for yourself.

Build your practice of meditation until you can do it easily and quickly on your own. If you are a novice, you will find these recordings valuable in guiding you to a deeper and more relaxed state of mind.John Watkins

You will find that the more you meditate you will be able to enter a deep relaxed state more efficiently and quickly. Meditation is a skill you build in precisely the same way you build muscles at the gym. The more you do it, the better and easier it becomes. Until that time, we are here to support you with guiding words and instruction.

Our thanks to John Watkins, CTO of the Elfenworks Foundation for his mentoring in recording and editing. With his help, the new recordings will be better and better.

Meditations on specific themes will be added to this menu over time. The following are mostly field recordings from from workshops and retreats.

Brother Camillus:

From May 2019 workshop

From February 2019 workshop

From March 2016 workshop, Lenten meditation on the Passion of Jesus


About the Archetypes and Chakra Meditations - 11 minutes

21 Meditations using the Tarot Archetypes

About Archetypes, 1 minute

1. The Fool:  Creator and Trickster
The Fool
Intro to The Fool - 4 minutes
The Fool or Joker Meditation - 18 Minutes

2. The Popess:  High Priestess
High Priestess
Intro to The High Priestess - 3 minutes
The High Priestess - 17 minutes

3. The Empress: Madonna, great Mother, Queen of Heaven
Intro to The Empress - 5 minutes
The Empress Meditation - 20 minutes

4. The Emperor: Father of Civilization, God the Father
The Emperor
Intro to The Emperor - 4 minutes
The Emperor Meditation - 21 minutes

5. The Pope: Visible face of God
The Pope
Intro to The Pope - 8 minutes
The Pope Meditation - 26 minutes

6. The Lovers:  Victim of Cupid’s Golden Arrow

Intro to The Lovers - 6 minutes
The Lovers Meditation - 24 minutes

7. The Chariot:  The vehicle that carries us home
The Chariot
Intro to The Charioteer - 4 minutes
The Charioteer
- 22 minutes
The Chartioteer and Healing Chant - 29 minutes

8. Justice:  is there any?
Intro to Justice - 5 minutes
Justice 2019 version - 22 minutes
Justice - 20 minutes

9. The Hermit: Is there anybody there?
Intro to The Hermit - 9 minutes
The Hermit Meditation - 23 minutes

10. The Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
Intro to The Wheel of Fortune - 2 minutes
The Wheel of Fortune Meditation - 20 minutes

11. Force or Strength
Lecture on Force - 15 minutes
Force Meditation - 20 minutes

12. The Hanged Man
Hanged Man
Lecture on the Hanged Man - 8 minutes
Hanged Man Meditation - 19 minutes

From the October 2016 workshop
Medtitations on the Tarot Archetypes

13. Death
Tarot card Death
Death - 22 minutes
The figure indicates the cutting away of old growth, stagnant parts of the self; initially it creates a barren and bleak vista, only eventually to clear the path for new life.

14. Temperance
Tarot card Temperance
Intro to Temperance - 9 minutes
- 17 minutes
Temperance pours two liquids together, the conscious and the unconscious, to bring forth new life, new awareness and personal development.

15. The Shadow, the Dark Angel
The Shadow - 23 minutes

16. The Tower of Destruction
The Tower of Destruction
Intro to The Tower of Destruction - 4 minutes
The Tower of Destruction: A Stroke of Liberation - 20 minutes

17. The Star: Ray of Hope
The Star lecture - reconnect to your Imago Dei - 5 minutes
The Star Meditation - 27 minutes

18. The Moon: Maiden or Menace
The Moon lecture - 8 minutes
The Moon meditation - 22 minutes

19. The Sun: Shining Center
The Sun
The Sun lecture - 3 minutes
The Sun Meditation - 20 minutes

20.Judgement: A vocation
Judgement Meditation - 16 minutes

21. The World: A Window of Eternity
The World
Intro to The World - 8 minutes
The World Meditation - 25 minutes

From the December 2016 Workshop - Advent Season

Lecture on the Meditation on Mary - 20 minutes
Meditation on Mary, Handmaid of the Lord - 26 minutes

Lecture on the Birth of Jesus - 6 minutes
Meditation on the Birth of Jesus - 22 minutes

“The Messiah,” by Handel listened to while in meditation.

Carol Anderson:

Pamela Thomas:

Lauren Speeth DBA DMin

Listen to other recordings by Brother Camillus and Carol Anderson