camillus sweatshirtIf you know Brother Camillus, you know this hoody, a gift from his students that has become his teaching uniform.

What could be better?

Listen to his history as a meditator. - mp3

This first recording is a 5 minute guided meditation with Brother Camillus that takes you to your internal place of rest with a prayer word. This is simply the induction to get you started. We invite you to use this to begin your personal meditation sessions and encourage you to lengthen each session by 5 minutes until you are mediting easily for 3 to 40 minutes each time.

5 Minute Induction to Meditation - mp3

The following is a lecture on the Lasallian value of Respect for All Persons. The meditation focuses on forgiveness, a key to showing respect for others, and for yourself.

The Lecture - mp3
30 minute Meditation - mp3

"The greatest practice of meditation is a deep listening and conversation with the Divine."