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Meditate with Carol

Meditation helps you relax and settle your body, mind, and spirit.

Everyone can benefit from meditation. And everyone can meditate.

About Meditation mp3, 4:48 minutes

Basic Instruction mp3. 2:50 minutes

Enhance your Practice mp3, 1:27 minutes

I guide you into meditation with increasingly longer periods for your silent meditation within each of these tracks.

15 minute meditation mp3

30 minute meditation mp3

Carol Anderson has been a meditator since 1993 and has led and taught guided meditation for many years.

carol at montereyI was so pleased to meet Brother Camillus when I began working at Saint Mary's College in 2004. I had recently moved from Seattle to the San Francisco Bay Area. When I began to meditate with the Brother Camillus I felt completely at home. We have similar styles of meditation and the community he has built on campus provided me with an instant family of meditators.

It was not long before I came to recognize how deeply loved and valued Brother Camillus is in our Lasallian community. I heard over and over from staff, faculty and students how meditating with Brother Camillus made tough days manageable. His meditations had a healing effect and everyone seemed to want a recording to take home.

I decided to do what I could to help make his work available. Soon after I met Larry Dyer, Media Services manager for Saint Mary's College. He also hoped to make quality recordings of Brother Camillus's work and so we teamed up. We crafted a project to capture lectures as well as meditations. They will be made available to all for little or no cost through this site and at classes and retreats.

Larry had inspired ideas, tremendous talent and experience in the technology of audio recording and broadcast. He has since moved on to a new job and we miss him. I hope we will fulfull his vision with our future work.

Rob Limon took over Larry's post and brings to the table a wealth of experience in video production. A talented group in Media Services at Saint Mary's has been a great resource in this project as well.

In 2007 Dr. Lauren Speeth began helping us with technical input through the Elfenworks Foundation and also with her personal contributions of wisdom and meditation recordings.

This project was funded in part by
The Trust for the Meditation Process.
Their generous help allowed us to provide these meditations for you.