The purpose of this meditation is to learn ever more deeply and completely. how to forgive others.  let me describe the procedure.  After a double countdown, I will guide you to a door that leads to “The Pond of Forgiveness.  This pond is U-shaped and will have a life sized crucifix at the top and center.  At its base will be stones which will represent how people have hurt, offended, betrayed you or done painful and harmful acts that you may have semi-forgotten but never truly forgiven. I am going to ask you to remember three persons who have acted against and caused you hurt or harm.  Around the area of the pond are rocks, which represent the injuries and hurt these people have caused you. Near this area will be a small orchard of trees with bushes interspersed among them. 

In the meditation you will call first the person who has hurt you the least.  As you continue calling, they will soon emerge from among the trees and bushes.  You will call that person to come before the crucifix and tell them what they did that hurt or harmed you; in order to release and forgive you need to sense the hurt, the pain your have experienced.  Tell hem also how that made you feel and how it has affected you and if emotions of anger or desire to hurt them emerge, acknowledge what you have gone through.

Then look deep in your heart and tell them to what extent you believe you can forgive them now before the crucifix, asking Jesus to help you forgive this person. If you cannot fully forgive them, that’s all right, that is most human, Jesus will help you forgive.  You might be able to forgive them to a limited amount.  Tell them to what percent you believe you can forgive them, but that you will ask Jesus to forgive them totally which you then do by addressing Jesus on the cross.

Pray to Jesus to forgive this person completely and put them under the right hand of Jesus.  Imagine a drop of he precious blood of Jesus falling on the crown of the person.  At that moment the drop of precious blood becomes a pink cloud of love and forgiveness, encircling and penetrating the person with Jesus’ love.  You then breathe that person into the heart of Christ as a sign of complete God-given forgiveness. Then stoop down and take up the rock that represents that person’s injuries against you and throw it into the pond.  If it is too big pray to your Guardian Angel to help, who will in some way get the rock into the pond.  The rock will float and become like an alka seltzer bubbling up and being dissolved by the water.  Eventually the rock will dissolve more and more and perhaps sink into the pond.

After that, notice how you feel and say a prayer of thanksgiving that you have been able to some extent forgive the person and that Jesus has helped you in the process by His own love and forgiveness.

We then proceed in a similar way with the second person, whom you now call.  After you finish with the second person you will proceed in a similar fashion with the third person.  At the end note how you are feeling having gone through forgiveness three times beginning with a person who offended and hurt you somewhat to a person who has deeply hurt and offended you. Say a prayer of thanksgiving for having been able to at least begin the process of forgiveness.

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