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Brother Camillus

Dear Brother Camillus,
When I was a student at Saint Mary's, I took one of your meditation workshops. It was my first experience with meditation. I was student teaching at the time, and it was absolutely amazing how much that workshop transformed my teaching experience. I began to meditate every day, and my teaching changed completely. Before I had been nervous and stressed, with little control of my classes. Once I started to meditate, I conquered my nervousness and taught the classes with calm and confidence. What a difference! It was as if I had a new
set of students. So I would like to thank you for giving that workshop!

Suzanne Christensen '05

Personal experiences


Partcipants of past workshops and classes have generously agreed to allow us to post their comments about experiences with meditation.

Read class evaluation comments from a workshop held September 7, 2008:

Question 1:  Describe briefly a powerful religious experience you had in this Tuesday Series?

  • I was able to experience the most amazing sense of peace, Unexplainable.  Now I have a tremendous sense of calm throughout my day.  I look forward to my time of meditation. (Anonymous)
  • During the third session and the second meditation I experienced in the series (on Jesus on the Cross and Mary beneath it), I felt an incredible lightness, calm, and rest that I can only attribute to resting in God or being “held by God.” MPF
  • The third session was my first standing before the crucifix and I felt such a deep remorse for my shortcomings.  When Br. Camillus laid hands on me and blessed me, I felt a complete compassion overcome me. (OT)
  • I experienced a deep sense of peace and relaxation during the guided meditations.  During the meditation with the light of Christ I had a release of physical pain in my back and joints. (JQ)
  • I actually experienced Christ within me and felt his incredible love for me. (IW)

Question 2:  What is the most important life lesson learned or had reaffirmed by this series?

  • That I can cope with anything because I know God and the Holy Spirit are always present in me. (Anonymous)
  • That God loves and cares for me and is a forgiving God. MPF
  • I’m learning more of how God loves me.  I know he works on my mid but now I’m beginning to feel it in my heart.  (OT)
  • It confirmed the power of prayer and time taken to connect with God and Spirit. (JQ)
  • That I have an inner  core where God remains with me at all times. (IW)

College Students have been positively impacted by their Meditation course work with Brother Camillus. Read comments from their midterm:

  • “I have experienced nothing but good while meditating. I now feel more relaxed and patient towards myself and others. This class has really helped me connect with everyone socially. I have developed a better relationship with my family and feel closer to them”. CM
  • “For the past few years I had been having trouble falling asleep, and as a result was constantly anxious and jumpy. I was finding it increasingly difficult to do everyday tasks. Since I have been meditating, I have rarely been without sleep. I am no longer as anxious as I used to be. I remember things more clearly. I am now more peaceful and calm. It has also taught me to keep a positive attitude.” MR
  • “I have enjoyed waking up and meditating; I feel that it gets me in the right mood to begin my day. I find it refreshing to come home after classes, sit on my couch, meditate and think for about 10 minutes what I did that day and what I can do better. This has really helped me make better and quicker decisions.

    When I am in Alpha (meditation level), I always feel a sense of warmth come over my body and it just makes me feel good. Also, sometimes when meditating I will finally understand something that I have been questioning for awhile.

    As long as I can remember, I have had a problem with anxiety, but for he first time I feel like I can control when I am getting anxious.” HJ
  • “I used to get really stressed about school work. I was always frustrated and would be very moody. I thought negative thoughts that made it hard to concentrate. Now that I meditate my new attitude is to enjoy life and be positive. I meditate before I do my homework which relaxes me and makes me confident that I will do an excellent job on my papers. I now understand what I am reading, especially the seminar readings.” AB
  • “I used to get headaches all the time, at least one a day, most often more. The best and most unexpected result from meditation has been my ability to get rid of headaches.” SP
  • “Before learning about meditation, I was going to sleep at 3:00 AM every night studying. I would get easily distracted, feel out of order, and stressed. But now with meditation, I feel more organized and relaxed when I do my homework. I start it with a positive, focused attitude, and get my homework and studying done two hours earlier than before.” NM

Efficaciousness of Meditation Techniques for Prayer

  •  “It is from our in class practices that I was able to find an even deeper use of meditation, a way to link my Buddhist meditation to my Catholic Faith.  I was able to use meditation as a means to experience my connection to God.  Through meditation I am able to feel a stronger presence from God, to feel His guiding hands, and to be reminded that ‘I am a daughter of God.’  I was able to grow tremendously through my meditation techniques, but most importantly I was able to grow in Spirit.” KZ
  • “Previously I viewed prayer as mostly traditional.  I have since found that it is not difficult to lift up to God less conventional prayers, as I do during my meditations.  Now it is somewhat easier to go deeper into my prayer/meditation times since the class has taught me a little more focus.  The thing that led me to this change was the discipline I showed inside and outside of the class. This course gives me a means of analyzing the experience of prayer itself.  Now I pray in a much more mindful fashion which is leading me to deeper levels of faith.” AV
  • “Since I have begun to meditate I have more confidence in myself and am motivated to finish the things I have started.  I feel more focused; I can stick to one task and finish it.  Spiritually I’ve grown into a better person.  I try my best to do what is right.  I walk around with a smile on my face and I enjoy life because each day is precious. I now see prayer as a deeper connection to God; it’s not about being able to recite something back when asked but to truly feel it in my heart.  Prayer keeps me going.  I feel God’s love and know that He is there for me even when I feel that everything is going wrong.  My faith keeps me strong and able to see the good in every situation.
    I have learned in this class that I need to take time out for myself, even if      it’s only five minutes a day of meditation.  It has also taught me that I am special, a daughter of God, even at times when I feel that I am not worthy.  I am special and loved by God, no matter what.” AC
  • "Meditation helps in various ways.  Little things don’t bother me as much when I consistently meditate.  I notice and enjoy ‘the little things’ that make life beautiful.  I’m better focused and able to study after meditation.  Using affirmations in meditation keeps me thinking in a positive manner. 
    Meditating gives me a sense of peace or stillness.  I can relax better because I don’t worry so much; I trust in God.  I don’t worry about getting sick; I love and trust my body.  Meditations help me keep my sanity especially during midterms. I have greater self-confidence.  When I enter a deep state of meditation I feel a sense of awe and respect towards God.”  JH