Vibration, Hamony, Music. God spoke and the World came into being. Through vibration all was made and all is possible. We meditate to find an inner stillness and quietness of our human form and mind so that we may hear again the creative Word of God.

Our five senses help us interpret the everyday messages sent to us from one another in words, touch, movement, or from the Earth in the winds, water, and stone. If we quiet these senses we can hear what transcends our ordinary experience.

This website and the recordings found here were created to help you find your way to that quiet, transcendant place. The benefits of getting there are innumerable and inexplicable. Some refer to it as the Peace that passes all understanding. If you seek this, we offer tools to help you acheive it. The music on this page is one such tool.

RejuveWe have been given a generous musical gift from acclaimed Jazz star Tammy Hall and Producer Lauren Speeth from the Elfenworks Foundation. With these original tracks you will find music of comfort and
inspiration that will bring your body, mind and spirit into harmony.

Listen to these tracks, allow the vibrations of the music to wash over you and through you, and you will begin to settle, to rest, and then as the title suggests, to rejuvenate. What a perfect place to be when you begin your daily meditation.

Enjoy these works. They are a gift to us all from the artists and the Elfenworks Foundation.

- My best to you all, Carol

From the CD press release:

“Most of us are familiar with the concept that music can be a healing force. I believe it to be an absolute truth,” says Hall. “I also believe that part of what makes music healing is the intent of the composers and performers behind the music…our aim was that the listener experience wellness, comfort, and resolve.”

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