Lauren Speeth DBA DMin on Meditation

Rev. Dr. Lauren SpeethGive yourself a precious gift...

Spend gentle, peaceful time in spacious silence..

Meditation—and all contemplative practice—bring us close to God (or what you may term ‘the divine’ or ‘the all’) in ways which subtly and imperceptibly change our lives for the better over time.  Such practice is critical to my own well-being for two reasons: first, I can only hear my inner ‘still, small voice’ if I step away from all of the noisy callings of the loud world for a few moments, to listen in the silence of meditative prayer for what God might be whispering to me.  Second, I seem to have a very busy mind, what Buddhists like to call a ‘monkey mind.’ When I practice, some of these stickier, more difficult thoughts don’t carry me away quite as much; they aren’t as heavy, charged or burdensome, and I find that feeling very freeing.  I use a number of meditative and contemplative techniques that I have learned (and taught) over the years, and I often point beginners to Brother Camillus’ meditations, which are some of my favorites because they are so very effective. 

Have you ever attended Brother Camillus’ workshops?
Absolutely. I attend Brother Camillus’ workshops every time I am in town and not working myself. On a personal testimonial note, I’d also like to add that I have seen actual healing take place at Brother Camillus’ prayer and healing workshops, through the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. I thank God for Brother Camillus and his gifts which he so freely shares with others. Brother Camillus is very sensitive to his students and is appropriate for all audiences of all faith leanings. I highly recommend any of his workshops to anyone who learns of his workshop and is able to attend one. 

Can you tell us about one meditation you particularly like?
None of them are better than any others, it’s just a matter of which one works for you, where you are right now in your life’s path.  For me, at bedtime I like a body scan to become more peaceful and drift off to sleep, but of course, the idea in life is not to sleepwalk but to become more awake and alive.  These days, a current favorite is one I call ‘sitting in the palm of God’s hand’.  In that one, I like to focus on my breath, let go of my tensions, and then imagine myself resting comfortably in the palm of God's own hand, where I can find comfort, shelter and rest. There, I can let go, cast away my cares, and be gently guided by one who has infinite and compassionate love for me.  A few of my meditations, including that one, are posted on this page for you to try.