Camillus and John

Spring Term 2019


Location Galileo Hall, room 110 - 7:45 PM, Mondays

By meditating on Jesus for nine Mondays, the purpose is to enable participants to connect personally and powerfully to Jesus who lives in us not only as Creator, but also as Redeemer. Through deep meditation techniques, which beginners can access, most people can have powerful, personal connections to Jesus.

March 4 - The Baptism of Jesus
March 11 - The Temptations of Jesus
March 18 - A Forgiveness Meditation with Jesus
March 25 - Jesus and the Beatitudes
April 1 - The Woman Caught in Adultery
April 8 - Agony in the Garden
April 22 - The Resurrection
April 29 - Jesus Appears to Thomas
May 6 - Meditation on the Sacred Heart
May 27 - Meditation on The Annunciation to Mary

Options For Attendance

  1. To sign up to attend all the meditations: go to the Registrar’s Office during the day and sign up to audit all the meditations for $75.00.

  2. Attend individual meditations for a donation of $25.00 each. Make checks out to St. Mary’s College—CLC Scholarship. Pay to the attendant at the door.

  3. If you are doubtful as to the value of these meditations, try one.